Jewelry production in the Kiev region

About company

  • The company independently manufactures product from modeling and creativity to product packaging under its own brand. The balance of the product line allows us to be attractive from a display point of view to almost any customer.
  • The positive reputation in the market as a decent customer among raw material suppliers makes it easy to get the best rates and terms, which gives an excellent direct costs calculation. Today the company's customer base exceeds 500 clients.
  • Improved internal processes, each employee clearly understands his / her functions in the tasks and area of responsibility. In fact, the position of the manager is devoid of the need to solve the routine operational tasks.
  • The company is provided with a highly qualified and enthusiastic team engaging in the development for a long time and smoothly.
  • The accounting policy of the company is organized in such a way that every minute of time provides clear data on the area in which each unit of production is located, and every stone and gram of metal.


Production is located geographically in the Kiev region (85 km. From Kiev) on the territory of a separate building of 350 sq.m. New building for rent. Equipped with good modern equipment.

There is also an office in Kiev with an area of 220 sq.m. (Long term rent). 

In addition to the office and production in Ukraine, the company has a sales office in Poland.


The company employs more than 50 people, the production personnel turnover is 20% annually. A well-coordinated and fully equipped team, both in office and in production.

Products and services

The main products are jewelry made of silver, as well as of gold, with the addition of precious stones - earrings, rings, pendants, bracelets.

Financial results

Today the company is profitable and generates stable cash flow.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, sales in 2020 are only 9% down compared to 2019.  

  • The company's turnover (2019) - 19,140,000 UAH
  • Company turnover (2020) - UAH 1,7362820
  • Net profit (2019) - 4012320 UAH
  • Net profit (2020) - 2,940,700 UAH

4-year investment return.

Sales structure

The sales geography is divided into domestic and foreign markets. The latter includes the markets of countries such as Poland, the Baltic States, Hungary, Romania, Germany and the USA. Each market is divided into 5 customer classes, eliminating the issue of seasonality and dependence on each individual customer. 

  • 60% of the products are exported
  • 40% of the products are sold in the local market

The client base is more than 500 clients.

commercial offer

A stable operating business is offered with positive cash flow dynamics, a high level of profitability and a fairly short payback period for purchase; The work also includes an active team and client base with all supplier and buyer contracts.

Sales price: $ 500,000

The sale price includes:

  • Finished products
  • Tools
  • Model range and main model base
  • accounts receivable
  • Semi finished products
  • Raw materials
  • Faith, customer base

The owner is on hand for six months to support a new buyer and confirm the company's financial performance.

There are several strategic directions for the growth of the company which have been discussed with the investor. 

Additional information is available upon request.

Kyiv region, Ukraine
Activity Type:
Metal production
Project selling cost:
$ 500,000
Share of works offered for sale:

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