Attracting investment in a project to import and wholesale dangerous chemicals

Project initiative

A group of companies was set up to develop and implement large wholesale sales of hazardous chemicals, with the aim of increasing the range of chemicals sold (acids, agrochemicals, etc.), including other groups of dangerous goods and materials (jet fuel, etc.).
The team representing this project has many years of experience and success in principle-identical sales in another field (today, thanks to the provision and strategic sales management, the sales volume is 240 million UAH per year in their region).

Key project indicators

  • Product sales margin from 100% to 900%
  • The market size is 1.2-1.5 billion hryvnia per year
  • Estimated return for the investor - 18 months
  • The market for the production and sales of these products has a monopoly in Ukraine, which will quickly take a large share
  • There are preliminary agreements (intentions) with the largest consumers to supply large quantities of products
  • The combined team of specialists has many years of experience developing and managing a wholesaling business in another region in an aggressive environment in a monopoly market
  • It is planned to carry out transit through the territory of Ukraine and sell products in other countries after the start of sales in the domestic market

The amount of investment required - from 18 million UAH

All additional information about the project is provided to potential investors upon request.

Activity Type:
Other goods
Project stage:
Startup / seed
The cost of the project:
$ 649,999
Required investments:
$ 650K
Type of investment:
Share capital


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