Large manufacturer of DC and AC machines - one of the leading machine building companies in Ukraine

Job description

One of the leading machinery-building companies in Ukraine with a long history, it specializes in the production of electric motors for various industries.

Since 1957, the company has specialized in the production of direct current electric machines, electric motors with metal hoists, electric motors for rail transport, battery powered electric locomotives, traction, locomotives and mining equipment; Since 2016 - the production of AC motors has been mastered.

Production has a closed cycle from raw materials to finished product. In addition to main production, the chassis has its own tool shop, power supply service, transportation division and repair services.

The structure of the projects implemented by the Foundation from 2016 to 2019:

70% - the railway sector;

20% - metallurgy and general engineering;

5% - mines and mines;

5% - otherwise.

The factory is engaged not only in production, but also in engineering, supply, service and modernization of its products.

The main types of enterprise products:

  • Machines the current Continuous ( Machines General industrial electric machines, railway and marine transportation electric machines, metal hoist electric motors, etc.);
  • AC machines (Asynchronous electric motors);
  • Electrical equipment (Pantographs, controllers, voltage stabilizers, etc.)

The enterprise is export oriented and supplies its products to neighboring countries, Europe and Asia. Today the sales volume of products destined for export exceeds 80% of total sales. Main exporting countries: Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Vietnam, Germany, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Poland, Serbia, Uzbekistan, Czech Republic, Estonia.

The company has implemented and operated a comprehensive quality management system for the international standard ISO 9001: 2015, which is confirmed by the experience certificate of the International Legal Center LLC.

Teamwork 450 people.

Financial performance

Index, million UAH201 720182019
Gross income220.5264.8271.6
Net profit58.037.041.0

The subject of the sale

  • A company with a complete technological cycle for the manufacture of electrical machines;
  • An integrated industrial complex of factory buildings, administrative buildings, warehouses and auxiliary buildings with a total area of 60,041.4 square feet. M, located on a plot of 11.4 hectares of land (leased to 2029), there are road and rail access roads - the distance to the main highways is more than 2.5 km;
  • Special design and technology base with highly qualified specialists;
  • Registered trademark, design and technological documentation sets, ISO 9001: 2015 international standard quality management system, equipment management software and other intellectual property.

Investment attractiveness

  • Production complex with a complete technological cycle;
  • An innovative focus
  • Lack of government regulation;
  • Well-known brand in the market;
  • Establish long-term cooperation with major consumers of electric motors and mining equipment;
  • The average level of competition in the electric motors and mining equipment market and high growth potential;
  • Extensive geography of product supply;
  • The possibility of merging with an international plant to introduce new technologies and production standards, and expand the scale, taking into account the needs of newly emerging markets;
  • Efficient marketing activities and simplified management system.

Presentation to the investor

The acquisition of a 100% stake in the company.

Shareholders are individuals.

Price - 9 million USD

Mechanical engineering
Activity Type:
Manufacture of electrical equipment
Project selling cost:
$ 9,000,000
Share of works offered for sale:
Number of Employees:
Business volume (last year):
$ 9,000,000 US Dollars
Net profit (last year):
$ 1,500,000 US Dollars

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