Operation of a poultry complex in the Cherkasy region

Assets (real estate, communications and equipment):

Plot of land - 16 hectares (49-year lease agreement)

14 large poultry houses with a total area of 19000 square meters, including 8 working poultry houses with a full automatic set of Roxel equipment (one new set cost today 50-60 thousand euros) and 6 submersible poultry houses. 

Production capacity of all poultry houses: 2,100,000 heads per year, or 4.8 thousand tons of marketable poultry per year.

In the area there is an opportunity to place an additional 8-piece poultry house. - 13,600 square meters, which will allow to increase the capacity by 1.8 times to 8.6 thousand tons of marketable poultry per year.

Fixed hygienic examination room with changing rooms for staff.

Transportation workshop - 3 trucks (gazelle) with refrigeration equipment.

New slaughterhouse - 300 square meters. Capacity 750 head / hour, with 20 tons refrigerator, including shock freeze and returnable packing (new equipment). Currently, capacity is being gradually expanded.

Incubator (extinguished)

Office with equipped desks, internet and telephone.

Sub power plant - 430 kW through two independent feeders (60% power reserve)

Private artesian well for 20 m3 / hour (new water supply system)

Hay warehouse 1600 sq.m. (The possibility of storing bedding materials for one year)

Veterinary pharmacy (it is possible to organize your own laboratory)

Electric store

Cars garages


Repair and maintenance shop

Gas supply and heating system with its own ShRP

The company's store equipped with stationery to sell its finished products.

The project lands are paved and fenced.

Feed mill - with production capacity of 15 tons (milling) and 3.5 tons (pellet) / shift, 6.2 thousand tons of feed per year, providing 100% of the existing capacity with special feed (new equipment). A full automation project is in progress.

crew : From 35-40 people

the sales : The rules and counterparties provide for the sale of finished products - 120 counterparts (among them EcoMarket, Velika Kishenya, etc.), for the sale of live poultry - 250 counterparties, chicken droppings - 5 counterparties.

Availability of employment contracts and supplier base: poultry, veterinary medicines, building materials, equipment, solid fuel, gas, electricity, straw, finished feed, logistics, etc.

Main chicken supplier: Pan-Kurchak.

Non-productive assets:

Two trademarks.

An exclusive plot of land on the banks of the Dnieper River 0.02 hectares (for recreational purposes), leased for a period of 5 years with the right to extension.


Technical documentation: gasification projects and permits, projects and permits for water use, projects and laboratory studies for electricity, permits for waste formation and disposal, emission permits (environment), operating permits for agriculture, slaughtering, export, PLAS, technical documents for buildings, ownership certificate, technical documents for cutting Land, technical permits DSTU, TU, OVOS, object identification, permission from the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

Availability of expertise matching the final products, Halal certification.

Taxes: Individual taxpayers of the fourth group according to Ukrainian tax law - flat agricultural tax (VAT remains at the disposal of the payer). There is agricultural land for rent.

A transparent ownership system (individual shareholders).

Investment development plans to improve production efficiency and business profitability:

1. Building a new poultry house on the ground of the object with a size of 8 pieces. - 13,600 square meters.
Investments: 1 prefab poultry house (sandwich panels, full set of equipment) - $ 150,000 - $ 200,000
Potential impact: Capacity and production increase by 1.8 times to 8.6 thousand tons of commercial poultry per year.

2. Reconstructing or building a new incubator.
Investments: $ 100,000 - $ 150,000
Potential impact: Reducing the cost by about 5 UAH per person and losing dependence on suppliers.

3. Development of our own chain of branded stores (separate business), previously there were 5 stores. There are many developments and experiments.
Potential impact: Diversify sales and increase margins.

4. Special product processing. There are developments in the production of branded stews.

5. Exporting products. There are sales channels.

6. Leasing and owning agricultural lands to grow fodder crops
Potential impact: Significant reduction in production costs.

Additional information is available upon request and in person

Cherkasy region, Ukraine
Activity Type:
Project selling cost:
$ 1,200,000
Share of works offered for sale:

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