Types of companies

There is a wide range of ways to launch your business in Ukraine. The ongoing modernization of Ukraine's corporate law brings its regulatory framework closer to global standards, providing investors with well-known and transparent tools.

Ukrainian law provides for the creation of a wide range of internationally recognized business structures, including:

  • Limited liability companies
  • Joint stock companies
  • Partnerships
  • Representative offices

Registration processes

Depending on the investors' decision on the type of entity that best suits their purpose, the business must go through the registration procedures. These procedures vary depending on the type of company and differ in terms of documents required, responsible authority and schedule.

Can be registered A limited liability company Online via a special electronic portal for the Ministry of Justice. Online and offline registration takes up to 24 hours and is free of charge. 

Company founders must submit a package of documents to the Ministry of Justice. Before that, the private placement of shares between them must be registered with the National Securities and Exchange Commission, which also approves the results of the private placement and issues certificates of ownership of shares to the corporation. The JSC registration process usually takes up to 3 months.

Unlike limited liability companies or joint stock companies, There is a representative office Registered with the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Agriculture Development. The state fee is 2,500 USD. The registration process takes up to 60 business days. The registration application consists of a completed application form, a document proving the incorporation of the parent company and a bank reference regarding the parent company's accounts.


Participation in some commercial activities in Ukraine is subject to government permission. This special attention is given to about 30 commercial varieties through the named licensing procedure. The procedure applies to:

  • Banking and financial services;
  • Telecommunications Services ;
  • Generation, transmission and distribution of electric power and the use of nuclear energy;
  • Education services;
  • Production and distribution of alcoholic beverages and tobacco products;
  • Production, distribution and storage of petroleum products, liquefied natural gas, auto fuel, etc.
  • Data encryption services;
  • Building intermediate (CC3) and high (CC2) objects have consequences
  • Production, import, distribution and sale of medicines;
  • Manufacture of non-military firearms, ammunition, cold weapons and air guns;
  • Recycling, storing and burying household waste;
  • Thermal power production, transmission and supply;
  • Water and sanitation services;
  • Passenger and dangerous goods transport, international road transport.

There are usually separate license terms for each of the businesses involved. License terms may include requirements regarding personnel, logistics, technology, reporting, leased capital, etc., and describe a comprehensive list of documents needed to certify compliance with these terms.

intellectual property


It can take 14-18 months to register a trademark action. However, trademark protection is in effect from the date the application is submitted. Applicants can choose to undergo an accelerated procedure that takes up to 9 months. Trademark protection period is 10 years. As in most European countries, trademark protection can be extended for another 10 years.

Industrial designs

The period of protection for industrial designs is 10 years, renewable for 5 years.

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