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Ukraine is home to many prominent fashion designers, filmmakers, and advertisers. As a result of their efforts, Ukraine is emerging as a full member of the global creative industry.

Ukraine was among the top 25 countries in the "Most Awarded Countries" category in the Global Innovation Report 2020 before Cannes Lions. These results were achieved due to the huge potential of talent, high level of education, and the development of innovative technologies.

Creative industries are showing growth including an increase in the production of value-added products. According to the State Statistics Service, the share of arts, sports, leisure and recreation in Ukraine's GDP in 2020 increased by 3.7%.

The most developed sub-sectors in the creative industries are advertising, information technology, media, design and crafts. The fashion industry has been developing and expanding for many years and has the potential to grow.


Ukraine, in general, has become a booming location for the global photography industry, as the country's top talent and affordable prices make it an attractive alternative to Hollywood. Ukraine's diverse photography industry has become a competition within the region and could easily be on par with traditional filming locations such as Budapest and Prague.

Musicians and filmmakers are discovering Ukraine and increasingly choosing to film their work in the country. HBO's recent hit series Chornobyl was filmed in Ukraine, in partnership with award-winning Radioaktive Films, a leading producer of film services in Ukraine for more than two decades.

Ukraine is profitable due to the competitive cost of production, specialists and location. Combining European looks with post-Soviet heritage, Ukraine is replete with interesting sites for projects of any scale.

Dozens of world-famous musicians have been videotaped in Kiev in the past few years. MO, Miley Cyrus, Stormy, Payne ,, OrelSan, Calum Scott, Paloma Faith, Foals, Tame Impala, Mumford & Sons, Netta, Vanessa Paradis, Coldplay.

Many Arab artists recorded music videos in Ukraine, such as Kazem El Saher, Asma Al Munawar, and Ragheb Alama 


Ukrainian advertising products are attractive to foreigners because of their cost-effectiveness: the cost of filming in Ukraine is usually 4-5 times less than in developed European countries or the United States.

Kiev is a new icon !

Western giants are showing great interest in the Ukrainian capital: Apple, Google, Diesel, Mazda, BMW and Lacoste, as they shoot their ads in the Ukrainian capital.


Apple ad, air pods


Apple Watch








The Ukrainian fashion industry is the latest commercial sector to experience an unprecedented boom as a result of the country's surging economy. Recent historical events unleashed a wave of creative energy among a generation of young designers who were inspired by the wave of local dignity and pride that has emerged in the past few years.

In an industry that constantly monitors the latest trends and social data, inspiring groups of Ukrainian designers have attracted the attention of the fashion elite and their customers around the world. Many international celebrities have appeared in Ukrainian designer fashion in recent years, which has increased the attractiveness of the country's fashion industry. There are between 500 and 600 Ukrainian fashion designers who have their own brand and are involved in the retail business. About a third of them regularly participate in fashion weeks and industry events, both internationally and locally.

A number of international fashion brands such as Hugo Boss, Marks & Spencer, and Tommy Hilfiger already have production facilities in Ukraine and enjoy the benefits of high-quality and cost-effective manufacturing.

Arabic songs filmed in Ukraine

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