Ukraine is overflowing with a large number of well-known and not quite well-known attractions, but of great beauty and tourist attractions: from the ancient medieval streets of Lviv to the industrial architecture and stunning landscapes of the southern part of Ukraine.

The emerging options contribute to greater traveler proposals and are increasing in popularity as tourist destinations. With seven attractions as part of UNESCO's world heritage, Ukraine possesses many historical, cultural and recreational attractions, which opens up great opportunities in the tourism sector.

Tourism currently accounts for only 1.4% of Ukraine's GDP, which represents a huge potential for the tourism sector and the economy. In 2020, more than 14 million foreigners visited Ukraine, with an average of $ 526 per visitor.

Since 2017, Ukraine has achieved the fastest Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Index (TTCI) score in the Eurasia Sub-region, moving up 10 places to 78th in the world. In particular, as the country stabilized and recovered economically, Ukraine has significantly improved its business environment (124 to 103), safety and security (127 to 107), international openness (78 to 55) and overall infrastructure (79 to 73).

Tourism in Chernobyl

Chernobyl is a unique destination of particular interest among foreign tourists. The site of mankind's worst nuclear disaster has become immensely popular year after year, especially after the award-winning HBO series “Chornobyl”. In 2015, only 10,000 people visited the exclusion zone, while in 2020 this number increased to more than 75,000, half of them foreign.

Many foreign tourists come to visit Ukraine as Ukrainian cities enjoy a wide flow of Soviet architecture, something that is of particular interest among the older generation of foreigners.

Medical tourism

Medical tourism is on the rise due to cost-effectiveness, experienced doctors and high-quality services. Ukraine allows medical tourists to save 40-70% on their treatment costs compared to their home countries. 


Green tourism

Green tourism is a relatively new type in the tourism sector, however, showing great potential for further growth. Rural areas attract people for recreational comfort, escape from the daily noise of large inhabited cities, and explore authentic Ukrainian villages with their local history, traditions, cuisine and natural beauty.

Rural tourism is of great importance for the development of the social and economic sector. Because it not only stimulates the local development of village residents, improves the local labor market and increases employment opportunities, but also promotes the development of local infrastructure in addition to facilitating the sale of agricultural surpluses and generating additional income for farmers. 

Industrial tourism

Industrial tourism is becoming increasingly popular among tourists as it shows the unconventional beauty of factory sites, mines, quarries and steel fabrication plants.

The most popular destinations for industrial tourism in Ukraine are:

  • Kerfrog, PGZK quarry - one of the largest in the world.
  • Horeshny Blavne
  • Droppic Salt Mine
  • Odessa port
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