Ukraine is more open for business! As the country continues to undergo a major democratic and economic transformation, it is integrating more deeply into the Euro-Atlantic and global economic structure.

As a result of the steady pace of reform, experts now believe that Ukraine has really become an attractive place to make money. Investors have realized that Ukraine has become a stable and predictable emerging market and the availability of talented human capital and high-value assets makes Ukraine an excellent investment destination.

In 2020, the country advanced five more places in the World Bank's ease of doing business ranking, to 64th out of 190 countries, and the bank ranks Ukraine second among the world's countries in the past ten years in terms of speed and depth in improving the business climate. Between 2015-2019, Ukraine saw $ 16 billion in foreign direct investment inflows, resulting in the building of more than 100 manufacturing plants, representing tens of thousands of new high value-added jobs. Most notably, modern seed processing facilities valued at $ 200 million by Bayer from Germany, a grain plant worth $ 150 million from Cargill from the United States, and a second manufacturing site worth $ 16 million by the US-based Gable Company, and many brands have entered the Ukrainian market. Global brands such as General Electric, Ryanair, Boss, IKEA, H&M, Decathlon, and many more.


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    Ukraine’s greatest asset - “brains and grains” is the great national wealth that helped the country advance rapidly in the world market .

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