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We are an investment promotion office partner of the Ukrainian government since 2016 to attract foreign direct investment and help existing investors expand their business in Ukraine. Since our inception as a responsible advisory body to the Ukrainian government, we have transformed into a full-fledged quasi-governmental institution committed to providing investors with "comprehensive support" consisting of reliable and up-to-date information and advice on doing business in Ukraine; Identify optimal investment opportunities; Guiding investors through government agencies at all levels; And to help solve any systemic problems that investors may face. As a result, Our foundation has helped open projects with a capacity of $ 2.9 billion in foreign direct investment and resolve more than 60 cases.Indeed, we were overjoyed that our efforts were recognized by the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine when we were awarded our annual Thanksgiving Day Award in 2018!

We stress that Ukraine's greatest asset is 'Brains and grains' That drive innovation and discover opportunities in the commercial and agricultural markets of Ukraine; That has been associated with growth European and global manufacturing and supply groups in the country's regions; And in the development of oil, gas and renewable energy resources necessary for energy independence in Ukraine.

Ukraine is open for business! As the country continues to undergo a massive democratic and economic transformation that has made it integrate ever deeper into the Euro-Atlantic and global economic architecture.

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